• We can manufacture TAFETTA labels, DAMASK labels, Prestige labels, Digital labels, Satin labels, Woven badges (Single/Double sided), Puller labels and Ultrasonic labels under woven labels category at the desirable quality and quantity in a stipulated time.
  • With the strong print credentials, we can manufacture and supply printed fabric labels viz, Nylon taffeta label, Polyester satin labels, Cotton labels, Bio cotton labels, Ultra sonic labels and Woven edge satin labels.
  • We are capable of delivering labels of any size, any shape, any color
Wooven Labels
  • Taffeta labels
  • Damask labels
  • Satin labels
  • Digital label
Printed Fabric Labels
  • Nylon taffeta label
  • Polyester satin labels
  • Cotton labels
  • Bio cotton labels